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The loss, theft, or breach of confidential information can cause considerable damage to your organization's business and reputation. Lost productivity and revenue, diminished customer trust and confidence, and media scrutiny are just a few of the consequences that may result from a data breach or loss of sensitive information. Adding to this stress are the government and industry regulations requiring the implementation of policies and procedures that ensure personal information is kept secure.

While there is no way to prevent data loss entirely, your organization can reduce the risk of exposure with a greater awareness of important trends and issues shaping the industry today. Below, you’ll find a number of informative resources related to data security to help you better protect your organization and your stakeholders.

  • Data Security Statistics
    Discover the statistics and research behind data security and data breaches.
  • Data Breach Prevention Tips
    Take advantage of expert advice from Brian Lapidus, Chief Operating Officer of the Cyber Security & Information Assurance practice area of Kroll, who offers tips every organization should know about minimizing its risk of and safeguarding against a data breach.
  • Important Laws and Regulations
    Reference the most noted United States federal and state laws and regulations relating to the security of personal information and identity theft.