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Brian Lapidus, Chief Operating Officer, Fraud Solutions

Brian Lapidus has unique frontline experience helping a wide variety of corporations and organizations safeguard against and respond to data breaches. With an extensive background in organizational development, today he sets direction for the company's continued success in identity theft discovery, investigation and restoration. Lapidus is particularly knowledgeable about the many security gaps - physical, procedural and electronic - common to many U.S. companies and organizations, as well as the criminal landscape where stolen identities are bought, sold and used. He oversees a highly-skilled team that includes veteran licensed investigators who specialize in supporting breach victims and restoring individuals' identities to pre-theft status.

He also is working with consumer organizations to help ensure responsible practices among businesses that provide identity theft-related services. Lapidus has a bachelor's degree from Washington University with concentration in psychology and business and an MBA from Vanderbilt with concentration in strategy and general management.

Jeremiah Miller, Director of Operations, Investigation and Restoration Center

Jeremiah Miller has years of experience in the areas of identity theft discovery, investigation and restoration. Upon joining Kroll Fraud Solutions in 2002, Miller was instrumental in the development of the division's restoration methodology and established many of its existing policies and procedures. A licensed investigator himself, Miller leads the team of licensed investigators specializing in cases of identity theft and fraud. These professionals support thousands of ID theft victims and potential victims, including individuals whose personal information has been inadvertently exposed through data breaches at businesses or organizations. On behalf of their clients, the investigators interface with law enforcement, credit bureaus and financial institutions to help remove personal information from circulation, address fraudulent activity and restore their clients' names.