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Data recovery: extending your window of opportunity

When a data breach event occurs, your company only has a short window of time to gather critical evidence. Internal IT resources are often forced to act as a first line of defense – but first responders who are untrained in data recovery and forensic analysis sometimes do more harm than good, damaging critical data or inadvertently mishandling important evidence.

The experts at Kroll have unparalleled experience using forensic software and protocols to perform data collection and data preservation in the wake of a breach. We handle evidence with proven, forensically sound methodology, using data recovery tools and processes that are supported by case law.

We’ll apply forensic science to your technology – from servers to laptops and smartphones – and investigate your physical systems and personnel, getting real answers to your questions and establishing whether data was compromised and to what extent.

Forensic Analysis with an eye on the future

Our agents are and Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP), well-versed in the most specialized data recovery tools and processes. We always employ forensically accurate processes, including appropriate chain of custody and documentation. We understand case law regarding the accuracy and reliability of digital tools. We’ll apply state-of-the art technology to your forensic analysis, but we also have the experience to accurately interpret findings, turning data points into a clear story and timeline that can be presented in court.

With Kroll, you can rest assured that your first responders are thinking beyond the immediate crisis towards an enhanced security posture for your company. We’ll work with your counsel on forensic analysis that leaves you in the strongest possible position; we’ll also leave your company protected and better prepared to manage future incidents.