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When your litigation or investigation calls for expert opinion, Kroll provides end-to-end support to help you win cases and mitigate losses.

With training in a variety of technical, IT security, and computer forensic certifications, Kroll’s forensic experts are renowned and respected professionals who have managed thousands of investigation and discovery matters.

Powerful, persuasive support for your legal arguments

Whether responding to an investigatory matter, forensic discovery demand, or information security incident, our forensic engineers have extensive experience providing deposition and trial testimony and can serve as an expert witness on almost any topic relating to digital information, including:

  • The forensic soundness of data collections performed by our own team of data collection and forensic experts
  • The reliability of collection practices utilized by your opponent or a third party
  • Our own expert findings and forensic analysis

Kroll’s forensic experts deliver customized reports on the evidence collected and key findings of the investigation. Depending on your specific litigation or investigation needs, our forensic experts can author declarations, affidavits, and expert reports to support your case. You can feel confident knowing our experts relate facts and conclusions in a way that can be understood by technical experts and novices alike.

Special master appointment & third-party validation

Kroll computer forensics experts clearly, accurately, and compellingly articulate their results and conclusions to a finder of fact. Our experts have the experience to creditably serve as an expert witness and have served as special masters at the court’s appointment. Our experts have also been retained to provide independent assessments of compliance with consent decrees, agreements, court orders, contractual obligations, and other requirements.