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Preserve relationships—and your future

Customers. Investors. Employees. Business partners. You depend on a lot of people to keep your business going strong—and their trust in you could suffer significant damage in the wake of a data breach. That’s why it’s important for your affected individuals to feel like you have done everything possible to help them reverse any damage that may result from the incident—and to put safeguards in place to help prevent future incidents.

Trusted experts to help you rebuild trust

At Kroll, we understand the importance of preserving the relationships you’ve worked so hard to build. You can rest assured that your affected consumers will receive comprehensive remediation solutions from the world's leading risk consulting company—a positive step toward reducing your organization’s reputational risks. 

Kroll’s licensed investigators have thousands of hours of experience responding to identity theft issues—the most in the industry—and assist your affected consumers by:

  • Helping determine the extent of their exposure
  • Conducting intuitive searches of credit and non-credit data sources
  • Providing dedicated consultation on how to detect and safeguard against identity theft
  • Working on behalf of fraud victims to restore their identities to pre-theft status

Consistent and persistent follow-up is a Kroll core competency—sending one letter or making one phone call may not get the job done. Once a restoration case is opened, the licensed investigator assigned to the victim will work until restoration is complete to the degree possible or until the consumer verifies that the issue is resolved.

Mitigate risk beyond the data breach incident

Data breach remediation isn’t just a consumer affair—it also extends to the organizational level. It’s important to look to the future by evaluating what went wrong and taking steps to ensure your data breach incident doesn’t lead to litigation—or become a repeat event.

With Kroll, you can rest easy knowing we keep an eye on compliance from discovery to recovery to help you stand in the best defensible position if audited or faced with litigation. Our incident response methodology ensures that evidence is preserved and security gaps are identified and fixed. What’s more, you’ll receive expert guidance to help you incorporate lessons learned into your organization’s incident management and response plan so you can ensure processes are applied for future prevention.