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Data Breach and Identity Theft Protection for Healthcare Companies

WEBCAST: "Kroll-HIMSS Analytics 2010 Webcast on Security of Patient Data"
Kroll COO Brian Lapidus and Senior Directors from HIMSS Analytics address learning objectives of the "2010 HIMSS Analytics Report: Security of Patient Data," including the top concerns around patient data safety. Click here to register!

REPORT: Bi-Annual Kroll-HIMSS Report: Security of Patient Data
The bi-annual Kroll-HIMSS Analytics study on patient data safety examines data security practices at hospitals across the United States. Click here to download the 2010 edition and the 2008 report.

PODCAST: "Healthcare Survey Respondents Discuss Patient Data Safety at U.S. Hospitals"
Exclusive podcast including survey responses of senior IT Executives and Chief Security Officers regarding the status of patient data safety at their hospitals. Responses were pulled from the "2008 Kroll-HIMSS Analytics Report on Patient Data Security."   Click here to listen to the audio podcast.

PODCAST: "The True Cost of a Healthcare Data Breach"
Following the release of the "2008 HIMSS Analytics Report: Security of Patient Data" commissioned by Kroll Fraud Solutions, Kroll COO Brian Lapidus addresses the extensive costs of a healthcare data breach – ranging from immediate financial costs to the long-term impact on an organization's brand -- with Dr. Brian Klepper, contributing editor to The Health Care Blog Click here to register!.

Patients – and the law – demand that you protect highly sensitive information from every possible threat. But in-house security options just can’t keep pace with rapidly growing risks. After all, anti-virus software won’t stop someone from taking medical records. A firewall can’t help retrieve a stolen laptop. Just think about…

  • Patients who are minors or under guardianship – a breach of this data requires special handling
  • Patients who are aged or disabled – this group may need additional help understanding what has happened and what to do

And of course, you’re also on the line to protect the confidential information of another valued group: your staff and employees.

That’s why more of today’s healthcare leaders turn to Kroll Fraud Solutions. With industry-leading experience, Kroll knows how to manage the most sensitive breach for any audience – and delivers unmatched data breach preparedness and data breach recovery services.

Medical institutions especially benefit from Kroll’s 360-degree protection strategy, which focuses on three critical fronts:

  • Administrative: Setting and enforcing policies and procedures for everyone on staff
  • Physical: Protecting computer hardware, paper files, and your facilities
  • Technical: Guarding all data stored on or transmitted across networks

Robust Solutions for Healthcare Challenges

As compliance specialists, Kroll stays on top of the latest developments in healthcare law, HIPAA, and other regulations. We apply our knowledge to every phase of information protection, beginning with thorough pre-breach preparedness and planning.

In the event of a data breach, one call to Kroll will swiftly replace chaos with decisive action. Our team will merge public and media communications plans with expert response tactics, to help protect your reputation while reducing your exposure to risk.

Moreover, our Licensed Investigators can help your patients or employees restore their lives to pre-breach status as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Kroll Leads the Industry in Resources, Experience and Innovation

Kroll's Fraud Solutions practice has been advancing the discovery and resolution of identity theft issues since 1999 and together with other divisions, offers its clients over 30 years of expertise in security and risk management.

With unmatched capabilities, resources and front-line experience, Kroll remains distinguished in the industry by its:

  • Use of licensed investigators for investigating incidents and restoring customer identities in cases of fraud
  • Comprehensive pre- and post-breach services, including audits, analysis, and initial event notification and support
  • Full-service restoration in cases of fraud, including response strategies and individual identity theft investigation and restoration
  • ID TheftSmart by Kroll, a revenue-generating program for healthcare providers, through which your employees can gain access to Kroll’s monitoring, investigation, and restoration services

Even more, you’ll receive:

  • The knowledge and counsel to navigate your sensitive personal information issues from start to finish
  • Dedication to providing fraud victims with the help they need (and may demand)
  • Assurance that you’re working with an industry leader respected in legal and business circles
  • Assurance to patients, employees, the medical community and the public that you are handling data security and sensitive personal information responsibly

Take Steps to Stay Secure

Only Kroll offers so many data protection and recovery services in one comprehensive package.

To help safeguard your vital patient and employee data, contact the experts at Kroll today.