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Data Breach Remediation

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  • Call the Data Breach Hotline:
    1-877-300-6816 (24/7 access)

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A solution for healthcare data breach response.

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Trusted data breach remediation experts help you rebuild trust 

Kroll’s data breach remediation team is focused on the needs of your business. We’ll work with you to establish optimal call center hours. We will specially-train the support team about your unique event and audience, so that they deliver help with a level of understanding that resolves caller issues. Our high-touch data breach remediation service becomes a valuable extension of your culture – one that reflects well on you.

With Kroll, data breach remediation is an opportunity to demonstrate your company’s integrity and commitment. We’ll work with you to mitigate the negative effects of a data breach and enhance your brand’s value in the eyes of your customers.

Data breach remediation: helping your customers combat fraud

If fraud or identity theft does occur as the result of a data breach event, your customers need the assurance that professional help will be available. Kroll’s data breach remediation team includes licensed investigators with the expertise to walk consumers through the identity theft resolution process, explaining their rights and responsibilities and helping them issue fraud alerts and prepare effective documentation. Your affected audience will receive our expert guidance until they have been fully restored to pre-breach status.

Kroll’s data breach remediation experts includes licensed investigators who have thousands of hours of experience responding to identity theft issues – the most in the industry. They can assist your affected consumers by:

  • Helping determine the extent of their exposure
  • Conducting intuitive searches of credit and non-credit data sources
  • Providing dedicated consultation on how to detect and safeguard against identity theft