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Whatever your data collection needs, Kroll employs forensically sound methodologies that are defensible, repeatable, and stand up to the strictest review.

Leveraging experience from thousands of data collection projects, Kroll determines the most efficient and cost-effective data collection strategy for identifying digital evidence and gathering electronically stored information (ESI) for forensic analysis or electronic discovery.

Trained and certified to collect your electronic data

At Kroll, we have the ability to quickly and efficiently capture electronic data from email servers, network shares, desktop or laptop computers, various handheld and portable devices, and nearly all types of backup media. Our data collection team includes ESI consultants, computer forensic engineers, data management experts, attorneys, and project managers with vast experience. When faced with an investigation or impending litigation, our trained and certified professionals know exactly how best to preserve and collect your electronic data.

Defensible data collection methods and technology

Kroll offers defensible data collection methodologies and solutions to IT staff and counsel. Data collection consultants work with you to create customized collection plans based on your particular needs and IT infrastructure and develop a defensible approach to investigations and discovery requests. From offering suggestions to enhance your own collection plan to providing a comprehensive collection solution, Kroll ensures your data collection comports with best practices.

Deploying the right resources for evidence and data collection

Kroll has worked on thousands of investigations and litigations involving multiple collection sites across the nation and globe. Whether collecting data during business hours or performing discrete collections after hours, we deploy the right experts to get the job done and adhere to the strictest chain-of-custody methodologies every step of the way.

Kroll provides quick and scalable resources to meet your unique project needs:

  • Project 1: The collection and processing of 188 tapes and 30 hard drives of electronic data as well as 330 CDs/DVDs of scanned paper documents from multiple locations within the United States and abroad
  • Project 2: Onsite collection of 800 custodians at multiple locations in a single city, including 1,400 pieces of media, from top executives to sales, accounting, and finance business associates
  • Project 3: Forensic imaging project in Japan involving the acquisition of data from 90 hard drives in 3 days for a large trade secret investigation