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Identity Theft Protection and Restoration

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Identity Theft Protection

Organizations have the opportunity to provide their employees, customers, or members with access to Kroll's comprehensive ID TheftSmart safeguards as either a voluntary or involuntary benefit or service.  Offer your members or staff a full complement of valuable resources:

  • Credit Reports – Helps consumers learn the information on their personal credit files so they can spot suspicious activity;
  • Personal Credit Score and Analysis – Helps consumers better understand how credit worthiness is determined;
  • Continuous Credit Monitoring – Alerts consumers of potential activity commonly associated with identity theft;
  • Identity Theft Consultation and Restoration – Handles the majority of work necessary to effectively resolve an identity theft issue;
  • Non-Credit Searches – Search outlying activity that consumers may not be aware of, such as criminal exploits in their name, an unknown address affiliated with their Social Security number, or banking activity in their name reported as fraudulent.

Your employees, customers, or members increase their personal security, while your organization builds trust, loyalty and the bottom line.

Identity Theft Restoration

Your stakeholders would have full access to Fraud Solutions’ monitoring, investigation and restoration services.

For individuals whose identities have been misused, Fraud Solutions’ restoration process leads the industry in its depth of involvement and dedication to complete resolution.  Our Investigation and Restoration Center in Nashville brings together state-of-the-art technology with the skills of our Licensed Investigators—dedicated specialists with thousands of hours of experience -- the most in the industry -- to help victims of identity theft get their lives back to normal.