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Kroll’s experts are uniquely positioned to provide commentary and insight into the latest issues and trends shaping the industry. To set up an interview with a Kroll subject matter expert, please contact our Media Relations team.

Alan Brill, CISSP, CFE, DFCA, Senior Managing Director

With more than 33 years of consulting experience, Alan Brill has assisted firms with a wide range of technology security issues. As the founder of Kroll’s global high-tech investigations practice, he has worked on many large-scale reviews of information security and cyber-incidents. He has worked extensively to develop methodologies for collecting evidence from corporate information systems and consults on everything from computer intrusions to the misappropriation of intellectual property. Additionally, Brill served as an instructor for the FBI, Secret Service, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, AICPA, and many others.

Greg Caouette, EnCE, Director

As a director, Gregory Caouette provides clients with industry-leading technology solutions and consulting services to support all manner of issues related to electronically stored information (ESI). Relying on his extensive computer forensic expertise, he advises clients on the intricacies and implications of the voluminous use of digital storage and its inherent vulnerability to fraud and data breach. He offers tactical e-discovery and incident response strategies to ensure litigation preparedness and incident resolution. With nearly 13 years spent conducting computer forensic analysis and assessment, his investigative expertise includes the search for and discovery of evidence of financial fraud and theft of trade secrets, as well as the improper removal, duplications, or destruction of data. Additionally, having conducted more than 140 computer forensic examinations in his tenure with Kroll, Caouette is often called upon to offer expert witness testimony.

Luke Tenery, CISA, CISSP, EnCE, GPEN, Director

Luke Tenery is a director in the Cyber Security & Information Assurance practice of Kroll, where he provides expert secure information services, computer forensic, incident response, and technology consulting services to law firms, corporations, and government agencies. In this role, Tenery conducts computer forensic investigations and provides industry-leading solutions and expertise to solve a wide array of matters involving electronically stored information (ESI). He assists clients in the assessment and analysis of their data and advises on issues relating to network security and engineering, penetration testing, risk and vulnerability assessments, incident response, data breach analysis, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

Ernest J. Hilbert II, Managing Director

Ernest “E.J.” Hilbert is the head of Cyber Investigations at Kroll EMEA, where he leads a team of cyber professionals dedicated to addressing clients’ cyber security and investigative needs. A former Special Agent for the FBI,  he is considered an authority on all aspects of cybercrime with a focus on identity thieves, fraudsters, international hacking groups and threats to critical infrastructure. 

At Kroll, he provides consultation to client’s Fortune 50 CISO’s and C-level management on cyber related issues addressing security threats to IT risk mitigation, providing consultations on mitigation against APT/AET and Hacktivism to ongoing cyber threats. EJ also designs defences system deployments for clients to fend off continuous nation-State sponsored cyber espionage and warfare techniques.