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Tim Ryan

Timothy P. Ryan is a Managing Director for Kroll. Tim joined Kroll’s Cyber Investigations practice after a distinguished career as a Supervisory Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), where he supervised the largest Cyber Squad in the United States. From 2009 through 2010, Tim served as Acting Director of the FBI’s New Jersey Regional Computer Forensic Lab, one of the nation’s largest, state-of-the-art digital forensic laboratories. Tim also conducted computer forensic examinations as a member of the FBI’s elite Computer Analysis and Response Team. Tim is an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University School of Law where he teaches cyber crime and cyber security to law students, prosecutors, defense attorneys and homeland security professionals.

Peter J. Wolf

Pete Wolf is the Director of Operations for Kroll. An experienced manager of computer forensic investigations, Wolf has more than 13 years in computer-related investigations and eDiscovery and more than 25 years in investigative law enforcement. Responsible for Kroll’s labs within the continental United States, Wolf manages the day-to-day data collections efforts of an expert team dedicated to collections and recovery, forensic analysis, and eDiscovery. He manages both small and large-scale collections and works directly with project managers to provide the highest quality of output. He provides expert testimony and investigative support on various projects, including the acquisition and preservation of computer data and media, maintenance of strict media chain of custody protocols, file and email recovery, and analysis of electronic media.

Brian Lapidus

Brian Lapidus is Managing Director and InfoSec Practice Leader for Kroll. Brian has unique frontline experience helping a wide variety of corporations and organizations safeguard against and respond to data breaches. With an extensive background in organizational development, Brian is particularly knowledgeable about the security gaps—physical, procedural, and electronic—common to many U.S. companies and organizations, as well as the criminal landscape where stolen identities are bought, sold, and used. He oversees a highly skilled team that includes veteran licensed investigators who specialize in supporting breach victims and restoring individuals' identities to pre-theft status. He also is working with consumer organizations to help ensure responsible practices among businesses that provide identity theft-related services.

Ernest J. Hilbert II

Ernest “E.J.” Hilbert is the head of Cyber Investigations at Kroll EMEA, where he leads a team of cyber professionals dedicated to addressing clients’ cyber security and investigative needs. A former Special Agent for the FBI,  he is considered an authority on all aspects of cybercrime with a focus on identity thieves, fraudsters, international hacking groups and threats to critical infrastructure. 

At Kroll he provides consultation to client’s Fortune 50 CISO’s and C-level management on cyber related issues addressing security threats to IT risk mitigation, provides consulting on mitigation against APT/AET ,Hacktivism to ongoing cyber threats. EJ also designs defences system deployments for clients to fend off continuous nation-State sponsored cyber espionage and warfare techniques.

Jonathan Fairtlough

Jonathan Fairtlough is a Managing Director for Kroll. Jonathan joined Kroll after a distinguished career with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office where he served as both a prosecutor and co-founder of the office’s High Technology Division. During his career Jonathan held a number of positions within the District Attorney’s office and was involved on many high profile cases, including the first major data breach filed in Los Angeles County for which he received the IAFCI (Southern California Chapter) award for Prosecutor of the Year in 2006. Jonathan is an instructor for the National Computer Forensic Institute and an adjunct professor at Cypress College on the subject of cyber law and forensics.