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HITECH Hotline

Suspect a Data Breach?

  • Call the Data Breach Hotline:
    1-877-300-6816 (24/7 access)

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HITECH Hotline
A solution for healthcare data breach response.

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A Solution for Healthcare Data Breach Response

Kroll Fraud Solutions makes compliance easy with its comprehensive breach communications service. Compliance has always been at the core of our work – and it’s even more important now, when you’re facing HITECH requirements.
As an additional feature for our breach clients whose events include PHI, the HITECH Hotline is used in conjunction with Kroll’s Member Enrollment, Notification and Solution Support Center Access. HITECH Hotline not only aids clients in meeting necessary compliance requirements, but also provides an extra layer of service that puts the client in a best defensible position to protect both the affected population as well as their own brand.
If you feel that your organization has experienced a data breach incident or you would like additional information on Kroll’s Fraud HITECH Hotline, please call us at 1.866.419.2052.